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Riga Energy Agency (REA) was legally established on 23 January 2007, under the legal form of municipal agency, registered in the Register of taxpayers with code 90002316775 in accordance of The Resolution on the Establishment of the Municipal Agency of Riga "Riga Energy Agency" made by Riga City Council on 23 January 2007, and started its operation on 15 May 2007.

The Agency has the following functions:

1. To elaborate and update the Development Concept of Riga District Heating System;

2. To elaborate the Program for Increase of Energy Efficiency; to organize implementation of Program and related projects;

3. To prepare an annual report on the current situation and the progress made in area of energy efficiency in Riga city;

4. To establish the unit within Agency called Energy Efficiency Information Center;

5. To liaise with foreign and international institutions and organizations according to the area of authority of the Agency;

6. To provide service of energy auditors;

7. To publish information materials and to provide information to mass media in the area of authority of the Agency;

8. To cooperate with governmental and municipal institution, non-governmental organizations, other legal as well as physical entities, etc.


Booklet about Riga Energy Agency (2.85 Mb)

Presentation about Riga Energy Agency (3.03 Mb)


REA establishment documents

The Resolution on the Establishment (672 Kb)

The By-law of REA (2.85 Mb)

Legal documents of management structures for the Riga City Sustainable Energy Action Plan 2014-2020 (328 Kb) (.zip)