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Is your city a signatory of Covenant of Mayors?

Yes - 50%
No - 12.5%
In nearest future - 12.5%
Tell me more about Covenant of Mayors - 25%

Total votes: 8
The voting for this poll has ended on: 31 Aug 2018 - 00:00

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E-catalogue was created in 2014 within the framework of the international project GreenITNet (Eco-friendly information and communication technology network). E-catalogue includes 16 smart technical solutions which are introduced and implemented in Riga as recommended pilot projects for the multiplication in Riga and other cities. Demonstration projects cover the city's energy supply sector, infrastructure as well as zero-emission transport field with modern integrated information and communication technologies. All 16 projects are included as a basis of Riga City Sustainable Energy Action Plan for Smart Cities 2014-2020 (SEAP) approved by the Riga City Council in 2014. All of the demonstration projects are prepared on A4 double-layer paper format with description of the sources where it is possible to receive additional information as well as advices on each of the projects. Following new innovative technical solutions will be consequently added to the e-catalogue after implementation and testing in Riga. E-catalogue is prepared in Latvian and English.


1. Improvement of energy consumption management in multi-apartment residential buildings

2. Energy consumption management system in the public sector buildings

3. Local biogas co-generation with heat utilized in the greenhouse complex

4. Use of programmed LED lamps for city lighting with remote voltage control

5. Recovery-from-flue-gas and cooling flows in energy production plants

6. Automatic reading of heat consumption data with remote data transmission in the urban district heating system

7. Introduction of e-tickets and discounts for specific social groups in the municipal public transport

8. Data-base for multi-apartment residential buildings in Riga

9. Use of heat pumps with thermoprobes installed by deep drilling for heat supply to buildings in the city

10. Wood-biomass fuelled boiler house operated in an automatic mode with an efficiency rate >100%

11. Electric cars for providing municipal technical services

12. Solar batteries on the rooftops of buildings in the city

13. Facilitation of energy efficiency in households with the use of smart technologies

14. Use of solar pumps for heating

15. Waste water heat recover from multi-apartment residential buildings

16. Remote reading and transmission of smart meter data in power supply