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Is your city a signatory of Covenant of Mayors?

Yes - 50%
No - 12.5%
In nearest future - 12.5%
Tell me more about Covenant of Mayors - 25%

Total votes: 8
The voting for this poll has ended on: 31 Aug 2018 - 00:00

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22-12-2017 - Challenges and solutions for the refurbishment of multi-apartment buildings in Riga


The SHAPE ENERGY workshop ‘Challenges and solutions for the refurbishment of multi-apartment buildings in Riga’ in Riga was co-organised by Energy Cities and the Riga Energy Agency and gathered all relevant stakeholders in a co-creative and participatory ambience. They came with future solutions to some of the existing problems. For instance, in the future, a stakeholder matchmaking platform will be set up by the Riga Energy Agency to allow more dialogue and contact among the key stakeholders in the refurbishment sector. Technical and legal requirements concerning refurbishment are also to be established to set the market for businesses in the field of refurbishment, based on the demand side.

The focus will also be on the existing good examples in Riga and on the upscaling at street or neighbourhood level to make it more visible and impacting.
We can still believe in a bright future for our homes!

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